About Me


My name is Andrea Keller, owner of Keller Dog Academy, and I offer you services that are beyond the mere care of dogs.
Each dog is a different being, with a different personality and divergent character. All of them with a soul that distinguishes them from others, for that reason and according to the needs of each one, I support and solve all kinds of problems related to them.
During your absence, apart from looking after your pet and watching over your needs, I will train your dog using my professional knowledge, but I will also attend them with love, sensitivity and affection.
My experience has led me to successfully pass my Dog Walker certification by Anne Rosengrün, a recognized Cumcane trainer.
I guarantee training and care without any hard punishment or aggresiveness nor violence.
This established philosophy leads to a sustainable result, both for human beings and for animals, and to be able to do it, I not only use my acquired knowledge and studies, but I also use my heart and my dedication.
I have turned my passion into my profession.