Our Services

We are at your reach (mobile and flexible) when you need assistance with your dog for three or more days. Therefore you can plan your next trip and be calm without any worries about your pet, leaving it in good and trustworthy professional hands.

Dog Care during your Holidays

During your absence I train and care for your dog at home, using my professional knowledge combined with a lot of sensitivity and affection. Your dog stays in his family environment and does not get stressed as with having a change at a dog pension. In addition, he receives an intensive suitable training and then a coaching together with his owner (complete diagnosis and custom-made program)

Integrated Advice

My motto is not to combat the symptoms of your dog’s problems, but rather to find the causes and work them out. I want to reach results that are sustainable for dog and owner rapport in which you develop a sense of intuition for what your dog wants to communicate to you, in order to correct misunderstandings between dog and human. I want to be the mentor that helps both parties develop into a “harmonious team”.

Sustainable Coaching

My training is based on a “positive reinforcement” without using measures of violence. In this way the owner gets a clear and understandable communication for the dog. I try to give you a tool to improve the bond with your dog and to integrate a mutual and attentive dialogue in your day to day. I am certified from the German veterinary office that allows me to perform the professional training of all kinds of dogs, also of the breeds classified as dangerous.

Visits to The Vet and Dog Spa

Appointments for vaccines, nail cut, and rear gland treatments.

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars / Events

I offer an opportunity for owners and dog trainers to pursue further knowledge and training by attending Seminars that are held with recognised instructors and speakers who work exclusively with “positive training”.

Other Services

As an additional service I offer Airport Round Trip Shuttle, as well as supervising support of any works like minor repairs, constructions or gardening activities that may be ongoing during your absence.

For more information about my services, contact me.