As a trained dogwalker with certified CumCane trainer Anne Rosengrün, my training for dogs takes place without punitive or startle stimuli. Also, this training includes extensive knowledge of multi-dog management, here the dynamics and complexity in training is always different than with just one dog. With me, the dog learns from the beginning to react positively to its environment via a marker signal and to accept new situations openly, without nervousness leading to a startle reaction. With this method, the dog learns a different receptivity in the long term and is therefore a better result for both humans and animals. To teach this is my passion, which comes from the heart!


With a sustainable coaching on site I show you how to build the training into your everyday life. This not only saves you the time and effort of visiting a dog training center, but the efficiency of a very personal training speaks for itself.
I adapt the needs of man and dog individually and this results in an effective and everyday togetherness.

Training methods

Learning via a marker signal such as the clicker or a marker word has proven to be successful for the dog. It is an excellent way to communicate with your dog. I show how important and above all what need-oriented rewards are. What signals your dog shows you and what this has to do with his behaviour. I will provide you with simple tools to train mindfulness and self-reflection on both sides. Whether with a puppy prevention training or with a fear dog to solve his traumas. Together I walk the path with you and I also accompany you from a distance.
I have also completed seminars on Tellington Touch (a special bonding method for relaxing dogs) and animal communication. For me it is important to add alternative methods to the classical conditioning and to fix the cause, not only the symptoms.

Integrated Advice

My mobile dog training on site is based on my motto, not to fight the symptoms, but to find and tackle the cause of an undesirable behaviour in your dog. In doing so, I also refer to the environment of your four-legged friend.

This way I can teach you a method that your dog will not only behave correctly with me, but also offer you a sustainable dog training that is a permanent optimisation. You will be guided by me in such a way that you get the understanding and the view for the respective behaviour. This also includes involving you in the dog training as a dog owner, so that you get a feeling for what your dog wants to say to you and learn to understand it. This is the only way to resolve misunderstandings in the dog relationship in the long term.

As a trained mentor, I train not only your dog, but you as a dog-owner team to become a harmonious team all along the line. Or wouldn’t you also like to have a relaxed relationship with your dog and the certainty that your team will function the way you want it to at the right moment?

Sustainable Coaching

My mobile dog training on site is based on ``positive reinforcement``, a dog training without punitive or frightening stimuli. In this way, both your dog and you learn a clear language that the dog understands. My sustainable dog training gives you the necessary tools to not only improve your bond with your dog, but also to integrate dog training into your everyday life through mindful interaction.

In addition, I have a certificate of competence (according to paragraph 6, 4, 2, 3, 10 and 11) and am therefore authorised by the district veterinarian to train dog breeds that are classified as dangerous for third parties on a commercial basis or to guide the training of dogs by the pet owner.

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars / Events

You can also ask me for dog training courses, workshops for interested and responsible dog owners or events. I also offer seminars on dog training for special topics including renowned external lecturers and speakers or information evenings in a group for general concerns. Positive dog training is at the core of all training courses offered.

Other Services

I also offer dog training services for many other concerns, such as the flexible and convenient airport delivery service. I also do professional dogwalking, even with several dogs, and help with personal advice even before the dog is acquired. If you have any special concerns, don’t be afraid to contact me. It doesn’t cost anything to ask and I don’t bite!