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My name is Andrea Keller and as a dog coach from Keller Dog Academy, you will find very special dog care with me, which deviates from classic dog training. My foundation is positive reinforcement. I show you as a dog owner a mindful, needs-oriented approach and thus a new approach to your dog. Through a holistic approach to the respective situation, the possible causes of e.g. "misbehaviour" are quickly identified. I use several components, such as the Tellington Touch method and homeopathy. In addition, I work closely with animal communicators and naturopaths. In the meantime, thanks to my intensive work with animal protection dogs, my focus is on fear dogs, which need special support when settling in and in everyday life. Together we can achieve great success in small steps!

Thanks to my flexible way of living in a caravan, I can offer my mobile services as a dog trainer directly at your place in Spain (Denia and surroundings, Mallorca) and Germany with professional dog coaching and instructive seminars for dog owners. I am also happy to offer you virtual support via video and telephone.

My Services

A multi-faceted offer I have made available for you. With sustainable on-site coaching, I show you how to incorporate the training into your everyday life. This not only saves you the time and effort of visiting a dog training centre, but the efficiency of a very personal "training" speaks for itself.
I adapt the needs of man and dog individually and this results in an effective and everyday cooperation.
Here you will find an overview of my various services, from dog coaching to various seminars or workshops, I am also happy to respond to special requests.

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I have provided a multi-faceted offer for you. With sustainable on-site coaching, not only does your dog learn how to behave properly every day, but I also pay special attention to the relationship between you and your dog, so that the human also learns to respond to the special needs of his or her furry nose.

As a trained dogwalker with certified CumCane trainer Anne Rosengrün, my training for dogs takes place without punitive or startle stimuli. This training also includes extensive knowledge of multi-dog handling, here the dynamics and complexity in training is always different than with just one dog. With me, the dog learns from the beginning to react positively to its environment via a marker signal and to accept new situations openly, without nervousness leading to a startle reaction.

With this method, the dog learns a different receptiveness in the long term and this is a better result for both human and animal. Teaching this is my passion, which comes from the heart!

Photo Gallery

Here I present you a small selection of beautiful moments that have created wonderful memories for me during my vocation as a dog trainer with a heart.